8th August 2:20pm (GMT-5)
MSK Zilina Goaaal! [0-2]

Jerv - KIL Toppfotball 09.11.2019


0 - 2

KIL Toppfotball

1st Half

2' goal Lundal, Martin
29' goal Marklund, Simon
44'   Guven, Adem
2nd Half
51'   Dang, Alexander
68' substitution Baidoo, Michael / Aase, Daniel
68' substitution Habestad, Ole Marius / Hove, Bjornar

90' substitution Wangerud, Tobias / Wichmann, Mathias

70' substitution Dongwan, Gang / Gjerstrom, Mathias
78' substitution Aanesland, Markus Myre / Ibrahim, Shuaibu Lalle

90' substitution Roer, Christian / Marlinho
1 4.13
X 4.03
2 1.96
Match details
0 Score 2
106 Attacks 98
48 Ball possession 52
8 Corner kicks 2
89 Dangerous Attacks 56
4 Shots off goal 3
5 Shots on goal 3
2 Substitutions 4
1 Yellow cards 1
icon Match started
2` Goal 0 — 1 icon
Lundal, Martin Goal! The away team take a 0-1 lead through Martin Lundal..
29` Goal 0 — 2 icon
Marklund, Simon Goal! Kongsvinger IL Fotball extend their lead to 0-2 through Simon Marklund..
44` Yellow card icon
Guven, Adem At Levermyr Stadion, Adem Guven for the away team has been yellow-carded. He will miss the next match due to a suspension!.
icon 2nd half
icon 51` Yellow card
Dang, Alexander Alexander Dang (Jerv FK) gets a yellow card. He will be suspended from the next match!.
icon 68` Substitution
Ole Marius Habestad is on a sub for Bjornar Hove for Jerv FK..
icon 68` Substitution
The home team have replaced Daniel Aase with Michael Baidoo. This is the second substitution made today by Arne Sandsto..
70` Substitution icon
Gang Dongwan is replacing Mathias Gjerstrom for Kongsvinger IL Fotball at Levermyr Stadion..
78` Substitution icon
Vitor Gazimba is making the team's second substitution at Levermyr Stadion with Markus Myre Aanesland replacing Shuaibu Lalle Ibrahim..
icon 90` Substitution
Arne Sandsto (Jerv FK) is making a third substitution, with Tobias Wangerud replacing Mathias Wichmann..
90` Substitution icon
The away team have replaced Marlinho with Christian Roer. This is the third substitution made today by Vitor Gazimba..

The match between Jerv and their rivals from KIL Toppfotball takes place as part of the tournament of 1st Division at the Levermyr Stadion arena.
Time of the game: 09.11.2019 09:30
The referee of this match is Koloy, Magnus

Statistics of previous confrontations between the team of Jerv and the team of KIL Toppfotball:
The opposition of KIL Toppfotball and Jerv on 28.04.2019 ended with the score of 1:1.
The opposition of Jerv and KIL Toppfotball on 28.10.2018 finished with the score of 1:2.
The confrontation of KIL Toppfotball and Jerv on 15.04.2018 finished with the score of 2:.
The confrontation of Jerv and KIL Toppfotball on 08.03.2018 finished with the score of 1:1.
The opposition of KIL Toppfotball and Jerv on 13.08.2017 ended with the score of 6:1.

Schedule of upcoming matches between the team of Jerv and the team of KIL Toppfotball:
KIL Toppfotball - Jerv 19.10.2020
Jerv - KIL Toppfotball 10.08.2020

Summary of the teams:
Team: Jerv
Country: Norway
Coach: Sandsto, Arne

Team: KIL Toppfotball
Country: Norway
Coach: Gazimba, Vitor

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